The Value of Platforms and Partnerships for the Clean Economy Transition

Platforms like Horizon19 and World Climate Summit - The Investment COP facilitate the interactions and commitments needed to create sustainable futures.

By Anastasia Linn, Marketing & Communications Coordinator at World Climate Ltd

Economies are complex systems with myriad elements, ever-changing relationships, and wide-reaching effects. While their behavior can be hard to predict, change across such a system requires change within many of its constituent parts.

In our current environment, the transition to a climate-conscious economy requires sweeping cross-sector interaction and the establishment of new networks of mutual support. Platforms like Horizon19 and World Climate Summit are catalysts that accelerate this change.

To bolster the development of a clean economy—one built on climate solutions—within the existing system, a variety of entities must be involved. This puts platforms that involve diverse and influential global players at the core of the solution.

The world needs dedicated places where climate ambitions aren't just declared, they're worked towards. Opportunities where NDC progress isn't just proclaimed, it's realised. Spaces “where climate goals translate into solutions, innovations, investments, and partnerships” in the words of Horizon19.

Horizon19 in Boston, MA, USA, September 19-20th, 2019

Especially in the digital age when virtual conversations can weaken key relationships and filter bubbles can keep one limited to one's own network, opportunities to physically interact have significant impact. Platforms like Horizon19 and World Climate Summit facilitate meetings—both planned and unexpected—which create the relationships necessary to move partnerships forward. Such interactions form the individual steps in the process of the transition to the clean economy. Complement this with a wealth of industry insight and an international array of projects, solutions, and investors, and the impact is magnified.

The effectiveness of these platforms is evident—both qualitatively and quantitatively. This year, for instance, Horizon19 brought together 55 partners, 80 speakers, an engaged group of volunteers, and over 600 active delegates from across the public and private sectors. From government representatives and finance frontrunners to corporate executives and promising entrepreneurs, these leaders demonstrated their commitment to the clean economy by increasing their expertise and investment in these areas. With topics such as cleantech investing, electrifying transportation, infrastructure retrofitting, and city-level solutions, the program focused on how to effectively leverage existing resources to realise climate goals.

The relationships, knowledge, and network developed during such meetings have lasting impact, especially when commitments have been made, partnerships have been agreed upon, and collaborations continue. This is a key aspect of the work done by World Climate Ltd. In addition to initiating active coalitions and maintaining platforms for a global clean economy network of over 20,000 throughout the year, World Climate Ltd supports cross-sectoral stakeholders as they take the next steps necessary to reach their climate goals. From advising on climate policy to facilitating public-private partnerships to offering business understanding of the sustainability sector, World Climate Ltd is a partner for scaling climate change solutions.

A scene from World Climate Summit - The Investment COP 2018 in Katowice, Poland.

This December, another influential event will offer a platform for these vital interactions. The tenth annual World Climate Summit and the second annual Investment COP will offer government representatives, C-level stakeholders, diverse investors, thought leaders, project developers, and technology pioneers a dedicated space to connect and invest in climate goals. It will offer the premier forum for business- and investment-driven solutions to climate change alongside the COP25 negotiations in Santiago, Chile.

Over the last ten years, World Climate Summit has convened over 7,500 delegates, involved over 200 partners, and gathered an online community of over 20,000. With demand for climate action at an all time high and a network of high-level organisations and leaders already confirmed, the impact of World Climate Summit 2019 and The Investment COP is expected to be greater than ever.

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