Shizen Energy: We take action for the Blue Planet

Japanese renewable energy innovators Shizen Energy are implementing new business models and supporting local communities in the process.

Karatsu Minato Wind Power Plant, Saga Prefecture, Japan

Today, we—all people—must collectively address issues caused by climate change through transnational, public-private, and cross-sectoral collaborations. Beyond our concern for the environment, climate change is now creating a humanitarian problem as well. According to the United Nations, in 2018, climate change forced 17.2 million people to migrate from their homes.

We believe that the most significant contribution we can make to sustaining our beautiful blue planet lies in accelerating the energy transition to 100% renewables.

The three founders of Shizen Energy all grew up close to nature in the Japanese countryside, and they have kept environmental issues near to their hearts ever since. Three months after experiencing the tragic nuclear accident in 2011, Shizen Energy set sail with a simple mindset: to “be the change” when it comes to our huge impact on our planet.

While humanity's environmental footprint expands and climate change advances, the key to accelerating the energy transition lies in connecting the “grid of common purposes” of our friends and partners across the globe and working hand-in-hand. We can co-create a 100% renewable energy-powered planet so that more people can live happily ever after.

Nasu Toyohara 1 Photovoltaic Power Plant, Tochigi Prefecture, Japan

Resolving both global and local issues are the core of our values.

Over the eight years since it was founded, Shizen Energy Group has contributed to the development of approximately 1 gigawatt of renewable energy across Japan (as of the end of April 2019). We are also working with partners in Brazil, Indonesia, Nigeria, and other countries around the world to develop our business on a global scale.

We take pride in solving the underlying issues in society using renewable energy. Our challenge is creating a new economic system which drives continuous long-term investment towards our future.

Rather than uniform globalization, we value globally connected local communities. In 2016, we established the Shizen Foundation so as to invest the proceeds from our power supply sales in solving social issues. For example, to reduce regional educational disparities in Japan, we provide financial support to a company that owns a system that provides opportunities for children living in underpopulated areas. We also support an organization which offers regular food delivery to families with children in challenging situations, to create touchpoints for such families to receive the proper support. In addition to providing financial support, Shizen Energy fosters solutions to social issues in collaboration with the network that we have cultivated with local communities and partners.

We seek to sustain our blue planet into the future, so we take action for the blue planet today. It is the purpose of our business. Achieving this mission requires collective action and a shared commitment to co-create our future. We will continue to grow partnerships and promote the further use of renewable energy together, sharing our ambition and the common goal of catalysing positive change through the energy business.

Shizen Energy are Summit Partners of World Climate Summit - The Investment COP 2019. Shizen Energy Founder and CEO Ken Isono will be there to discuss the future of decarbonised energy in Santiago, Chile this December. Registration is available now.