Horizon19 Leadership Spotlight: Holland Innovation Network

Introducing the work of Holland Innovation Network, a part of the Netherlands’ Ministry of Economic Affairs & Climate Policy that promotes international cross-sector cooperation in the fields of innovation, technology, and science.

Limiting carbon emissions, managing extreme weather conditions, and efficiently using resources are among the major climate adaptation challenges of our era. In contending with these imperatives, urban centers play a key role: they are both where these challenges are most pressing and where the greatest forward strides can be achieved.

Cities must reinvent themselves and become future-proof. Both the Greater Boston area and the Netherlands have taken up this charge and are frontrunners in preparing for climate change and lowering emissions. Through an integrated approach, their companies, knowledge institutions, and governments uniquely collaborate across sectors to develop solutions for deployment in their respective ecosystems.

Through innovations in local energy and water storage solutions, circular building materials, building measurement and automation systems, and more, Dutch cleantech innovators have made significant strides in carbon footprint reduction and creation of more sustainable living and working environments.

We cannot respond only to the challenges within our borders —we can and should collaborate across ecosystems to deepen and broaden our impact. With the objective of jointly building sustainable, healthy, and safe cities for all our citizens.

Holland Innovation Network

Holland Innovation Network (HIN) Boston, as a part of the Netherlands’ Ministry of Economic Affairs and Climate Policy, promotes international cooperation between companies, knowledge institutions, and governments in the fields of innovation, technology, and science. HIN Boston support companies and organizations in achieving their international ambitions by facilitating collaboration; organizing matchmaking, seminars, and workshops; and advising on R&D developments.


The Boston-Rotterdam Cleantech Link also known as the BOSteRDAM Cleantech Link is a market expansion program for cleantech entrepreneurs and companies from the United States and the Netherlands. InnovationQuarter and Greentown Labs offer a 2-week market entry program to facilitate a soft landing for Dutch entrepreneurs with an interest in the Greater Boston Area and for American entrepreneurs with interest in the Netherlands. The program is highly-tailored to participants and includes local market knowledge and connection-building, as well office space. Interested in taking your cleantech business overseas? Visit the BOSteRDAM website.

The Priva building management system gives you control and constant insight into the performances of your installations through a user-friendly working environment, at any time or place. From now on, you will know how your installations are performing through a transparent and simple control system. What is unique about our solutions is that they can be linked to any brand or type of field apparatus. We offer extensive integration options so that integration with the systems of other parties is also possible. This offers installation convenience, even with renovations, gives flexibility for additional options, and facilitates maintenance. Moreover, we always make the building information available to the end-user. In this way, you are never bound to a single maintenance provider during operation.

Ecovat is a large subterranean buffer tank filled with water, which is used for storing heat and cold for use later on. By storing the sustainably generated energy surplus and using it in times of scarcity, renewable energy is used in an optimal way. Thanks to its large storage capacity and efficiency energy can even be stored across the seasons. The tank has a patented charging principle and a unique construction method.

This new apartment complex has a beautiful communal roof garden on the 10th floor with a view over Leiden. Plants can use the stored rainwater in the Polder roof to grow and flower. In fact, no irrigation system is needed, saving lots of tap water. For Vesteda this was enough reason to choose a PolderRoof by Metropolder company, but the PolderRoof also ensures that heavy precipitation does not lead to flooding in the area. Looking over Leiden you see that the PolderRoof mill is not the only mill in the area, but the highest.

Leadax is the first lead alternative in the world with the same properties as traditional lead. Leadax is not harmful to health or the environment. A new generation of lead alternative which is not only easier to use but also easier on your pocket. From cavity walls to chimneys, Leadax is used and processed in exactly the same way as lead — without compromise!

The Emporium plan by Wansdronk Architecture is a building concept for zero-energy or solar energy buildings that use energy and materials economically. This construction can provide the climatic facilities for housing living bodies. A warm water storage container and collectors provide the space heating and hot water supply, and a cold water storage container and collectors deliver the space cooling and cooling source for the refrigerator. The water circulates without pumps; instead it uses thermosiphon, and therefore requires no high-grade energy such as electricity or fuel. A lightweight construction supports the water storage containers. This mass of water also replaces the hot and cold accumulating capacity of the building mass. The building concept is suitable for free-standing, connected, or high-rise home and utility buildings in all climate zones. The technical feasibility has been proved and confirmed. The economic feasibility is characterized by zero-emission, biodiversity, safety, health, comfort and lifelong durability.

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