Horizon19 Leadership Spotlight: Braskem America

Horizon19 Summit Partner Braskem is the largest resin producer in the Americas and the world’s leading biopolymer producer, and is leading the way in seeking innovations towards sustainable solutions in chemistry and plastics.

While the adequate management of plastics production and its disposal remains a highly publicised global concern, Braskem regards plastics as playing a crucial role in delivering a more sustainable future. They believe innovations in plastics are essential for enabling society to raise living standards and to advance sustainability through products that avoid waste and increase efficiency.

“Plastics are used in a wide array of industries in routine applications and make critical contributions to agricultural productivity, food safety, and hospital hygiene. Because of their versatility and capacity for innovation, plastic materials also are invariably better suited for supporting innovative sustainable technologies.”* For society to leverage the benefits that plastics offer, it is essential that they are recovered properly to avoid causing harm to our natural environments, including marine ecosystems.

“Plastics must be used responsibly, discarded properly, and reused, recycled or recovered.”*

For this reason, Braskem works globally with key stakeholders in the value chain, industry associations, academia, NGO’s, policymakers and society, to help find solutions to these challenges, including adequately managing the lifecycle of products containing plastics.

In order to achieve its goal of creating a more circular economy around plastics, Braskem has devised 8 fundamental issues it continuously focuses on.

These include:

  • Working with clients and value chains to design new products that increase efficiency, recycling and reuse.

  • Developing new technologies, business models and systems for improving the recycling chain and recovering the material.

  • Supporting public policies to improve solid waste management and recycling chain, especially of plastic waste.

To read more about these issues and the work Braskem is doing, click here.

A circular economy demands new ways of thinking and new ways of co-operating, both within and across sectors, in order to minimise the environmental footprint throughout the value chain, but also to develop new and innovative partnerships and solutions. Horizon19 will allow thought leaders in various aspects of the circular economy to meet, discuss and share ideas on ways to achieve positive environmental, social and economic change.

Braskem will be joined at Horizon19 by other thought leaders in the circular economy, policymakers and producers, to discuss and create ideas, solutions and partnerships.

*Retrieved from Braskem.com/principal/circulareconomy

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