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World Climate Ltd facilitates public-private partnerships to leverage new opportunities for financing, deal flows, and fund development to dramatically increase investment in clean energy and sustainable development objectives.


Recognizing the importance of climate financing options and availability across countries, regions, cities, projects, and clean technology businesses, World Climate Ltd serves as a conduit, developing and presenting investment pipelines in order to mobilise investment for climate and sustainable development. World Climate Ltd’s platforms highlight and promote financial opportunities that support the low-carbon transition.

Private Sector Hub

Delivering Fund Development

World Climate Ltd offers professional services for fund development and assists fund managers with stakeholder relationship building in finance, business, and government.

World Climate Ltd is the premier hub for private finance in the world, linking leading governments, businesses, and international organisations to private financing options.   

Recent Projects

Analysis of the global green bond and green fund market for a government client.

Concept development and strategy for a regional green energy fund in the Middle East for the government of Dubai.

Serving as a consultant to the Danish government in facilitating the commitment of $50 billion US dollars in green investments from the Danish pension funds between 2020 and 2030.