The next ten years are decisive for realising the clean energy transition and determining the landscape of the sustainable economy. To lead in the next decade, stakeholders from across sectors must act ambitiously, urgently, and collaboratively.

World Climate Ltd facilitates large-scale public-private partnerships, innovative solutions, and transformative commitments to drive the development of the global clean economy.


With a portfolio of high-profile partnerships, a unique approach to communications, and globally recognised annual events, World Climate Ltd has surpassed expectations for what can be accomplished via large-scale partnerships across the globe.


Drawing on an international network and a decade of experience in facilitating climate solutions, World Climate Ltd offers a variety of strategic advisory services to leaders and organisations across government, business, finance, and civil society.


World Climate Ltd leverages new opportunities for venture, engagement of financial players, and fund development to dramatically increase investment in clean energy and sustainable development.


About World Climate Ltd ​

World Climate Ltd facilitates large-scale collaboration between government, business, finance, and civil society on local, national, and global solutions to climate change and sustainability. Since 2010 World Climate Ltd has established itself as the foremost public-private stakeholder platform for accelerating the global clean economy.