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Building on a decade of experience in implementing climate solutions with key international stakeholders, World Climate Ltd supports leaders and organisations across government, business, finance, and civil society through consulting.


From strategic advisory and sustainable innovation to impactful investment and effective communication, World Climate Ltd’s services prepare its partners to thrive in the low-carbon economy.

Concept Development

World Climate Ltd helps clients develop effective narrative strategies, create strategic content, develop brand awareness, and communicate their sustainability initiatives and efforts.

Strategic positioning towards the Paris Agreement and SDGs

World Climate Ltd creates platforms for solution providers and investors to collaborate on new ventures that improve resource efficiency, drive sustainability, and act on the goals outlined by the Paris Agreement.

Stakeholder Mapping and Analytics

By using a collaborative process and leveraging an extensive professional network, World Climate Ltd assists organizations in identifying, organising, and engaging relevant stakeholders across sectors and industries.

Market Development and Entry Strategy

Having worked with Fortune 500 businesses on new market entry strategies, World Climate Ltd has established new market opportunities by connecting organisations to leading networks of influencers, buyers, and suppliers within the low-carbon economy.

Business and Financing Models

World Climate Ltd can provide clients with best practice models for advancing their clean economy efforts, leveraging relationships from businesses and financiers.

Facilitating Innovation

World Climate Ltd works with forward thinking organisations to explore and identify innovation opportunities within low carbon solutions and resource efficiency – whether through new business models, state-of-the-art technologies, or pioneering partnerships.

Facilitating Innovation

Communication Strategies

By offering global platforms for climate solutions, World Climate Ltd connect stories that matter with the stakeholders that count. With a recognised calendar of events, a high-level online following, and an international network of media partners, World Climate Ltd supports its partners in sharing projects, stories, and successes.

Recent Projects

Development of the private sector strategy engagement plan for the Global Green Growth Institute.

Analysis and modelling of low-carbon strategies and scenarios for new and existing buildings for the Danish government. 

Support of the Danish government in developing a toolbox for government framework conditions to attract private sector capital, working with a drafting group of the 16 most relevant organisations in the field.