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Through its globally-recognised event platforms, World Climate Ltd connects the public and private sectors to accelerate the clean economy and drive results on a global scale. 


World Climate Ltd develops high-level events that focus on private-public partnerships, strategies, and investments and integrate proven approaches to innovation and implementation.


By applying over a decade of convening expertise, World Climate Ltd helps realise the sustainable visions of businesses, institutions, governments, and philanthropists.


Mobilising New Stakeholders

Through a range of initiatives and platforms, World Climate Ltd identifies and mobilises key players within the clean economy to accelerate bottom-up climate action and strengthen engagement across government, business, finance, and civil society.

Forming Green Ecosystems

World Climate Ltd collaborates with governments and policymakers to develop green hubs and sustainable enterprise ecosystems across the world – from Denmark to Dubai to Boston.

Next on the Agenda

May 19 - 20, 2020
Copenhagen, Denmark
June 14, 2020
Marseille, France
November 15-16, 2020
Glasgow, United Kingdom
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Recent Projects

Establishment of World Climate Summit as the premier platform for public-private partnerships, investment, and business-driven climate solutions
Development of a regional green hub through an annual declaration of action, a global event platform, and a new clean energy fund for the government of Dubai
Supporting the Danish government as a consultant on platforms including the Clean Energy Ministerial in 2018 and Energy Action Forum in 2019
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"World Climate Ltd will continue to facilitate public-private partnerships and work towards making the next ten years the Decade to Deliver on Climate Action."

Jens Nielsen

CEO, World Climate Ltd