World Climate Summit 2012 – Doha, Qatar

World Climate Summit 2012 took place on December 2, 2012 in Doha, Qatar during the UNFCCC COP 18.

The third annual World Climate Summit was the premier business, finance and government conference accelerating solutions to climate change during the UNFCCC COP 18. The World Climate Summit 2012 functioned as a separate, independent and progressive platform, providing the medium through which business, finance and political stakeholders communicated solutions, engaged in partnerships and complemented the official UNFCCC COP 18 negotiations.

The World Climate Summit of 2012 focused on the overarching theme of accelerating solutions to climate change, with a focus on Qatar, the Middle East and its relations to the rest of the world. Themes discussed were finance and scale; public-private partnerships; renewable energy; legislation and policy; cities and regions; transportation; carbon pricing; energy efficiency; and business leadership.

The World Climate Summit 2012 achieved to:

  • Acquire over 100 high-profile speakers such as  Christiana Figueres, UNFCCC Executive Secretary; Gary S. Guzy, White House Deputy Director and US General Counsel on Environmental Quality; Dr. Rahaven Seetharaman, CEO Doha Bank Group; and Joan MacNaughton, Executive Chair of World Energy Council.
  • Attract over 600 delegates including business leaders, financiers and government representatives and media reporters.
  • Receive coverage from global media partners such as Financial Times, Thomson Reuters, TIME, GreenBiz and Gulf Times.
  • Obtain leading institutional partners in the climate arena such as UNDP, World Energy Council, the World Bank, and the European Investment Bank.

The detailed report of the World Climate Summit 2012 is available here.