Now is the time to move up in the life cycle of developing the low-carbon economy, from awareness towards collaboration and deployment of solutions. After the Paris climate agreement, new disruptive technologies and diminishing costs on sustainable practices can bring a resource efficient world.



green energy

The green economy is only in its initial stages of a long life cycle development. A select number of leading countries, cities, businesses and financial institutions recognise that growth and climate action are closely linked. The chance to share experiences raises awareness, and mainstreams the opportunities of a low-carbon and resource-efficient future. World Climate Ltd engages in world-class convening platforms and thought-leading capacity building exercises.

The World Climate Summit was launched in Cancun, alongside COP16, and has since travelled to Durban, Doha, Warsaw, Lima, Paris and, recently, Marrakech, during COP22. The WCS convenes global leaders across business and government to identify new collaborative pathways for a prosperous green economy. It is the key business conference during the COP at CEO-level and has included speakers such as Sir Richard Branson, Ted Turner, and the Presidents or Prime Ministers of Mexico, South Africa and Denmark.

The World Green Economy Summit (WGES) has become the largest global event for the green economy gathering more than 2000 delegates annually in Dubai for the conference with adjoining networking on the PPP platform. WGES is the premier international platform for strategic partnerships and innovative solutions seeking to accelerate the transition in to the green economy.

Transactional Partnerships

Climate change and resource efficiency are common challenges for mankind. Therefore, solutions depend on collaboration and partnership across all sectors. World Climate Ltd works with collaborating efforts on furthering a more sustainable economy, as well as with transactional partnerships of a commercial nature.

The Global Green Public-Private Partnership (PPP) Platform is a deal-making platform for governments, regions, cities, utilities, integrators, solutions providers and financiers who are looking to engage in large-scale green PPPs. PPPs are vital to driving the Green Economy. Research shows that more than 80% of the finance needed globally to fund sustainable projects, must come from the private sector. This demand has resulted in significant growth in Green Finance. For example, in 2014, the Green Bond market was estimated to be worth US $37 billion. The World Climate Public-Private Partnership Platform is a unique and premier international platform, designed for the development and facilitation of solution oriented PPPs for the green economy. Through our network of stakeholders, we define best practices for successful PPPs and secure a global knowledge platform, which ensures that more PPPs are developed to a mature and bankable stage.

Strategy and Implementation


Many green technologies are becoming ready for scaling, with the decreasing costs and the application of intelligent systems. Forecasts predict that the energy and transportation sectors will undergo dramatic changes, as the telecom sector has done over the past 20 years. World Climate Ltd aims to apply a sound strategic business perspective on identifying and assessing scalability of new products and services, and develop new ecosystems for finance.