Implement the green economy by facilitating large-scale collaboration between businesses, financiers, philanthropists and governments on regional, national and global solutions


From Global to National and Regional Policy as a Driver for Action

In parallel to determining and implementing the Nationally Determined Contributions to the 2015 Paris Agreement, outlining Post-2020 actions, an important driver for action in the future is in increasing the awareness and understanding of countries, regions and cities on the relationship between national resource use and future competitiveness and growth. Resource use and resource efficiency transcends climate change and includes elements like water and food security, sustainable production and consumption.

Since 2014 World Climate Ltd has been contracted to develop a leading international green platform based in Dubai. Through its vision and plans the Dubai Government aims to develop the city to become a leading international capital of the green economy, and a hub for green finance in the world. An important milestone is the world EXPO 2020 with Sustainability, Mobility and Opportunity as the core themes.
Since 2007, World Climate Ltd has worked closely with the key Danish government bodies, cities and businesses to successfully position Denmark as a leader in the global green economy in terms of policy, finance and solutions.

Making Low-Carbon Business

Businesses are progressively looking beyond mere positioning and defense mechanisms, and investigating opportunities for business innovation around low-carbon and resource efficient products. World Climate Ltd provides a platform to foster the involvement of the various stakeholders to initiate collaborative innovation.

World Climate Ltd has worked with leading Fortune 500 businesses such as Siemens, BMW, Philips, and Vestas on new market entry and connecting them to leading networks of influencers, buyers and suppliers in the low-carbon world.

Increasing Financing for Sustainable Infrastructure

Upgrading the capability to invest in infrastructure for energy, transport, water, and waste, in order to implement a CO2 peak scenario, is in urgent need. While many governments today are fighting the slowing growth rates and important levels of debt, they struggle to invest in the development of infrastructure. Most of the existing vehicles to invest are in private equities investing in companies, to provide products and services that will impact climate change reduction.

World Climate Ltd is working with Dubai to develop a green finance ecosystem to support Dubai in becoming a global green trading hub. Dubai is already the financial capital of the Middle East and is geographically positioned as a hub for future global trade. The work on the green finance ecosystem involves collecting best practice from around the world, carefully developing capabilities for venture, growth and infrastructure finance. A green infrastructure fund of international calibre will be launched in 2016.