The Climate Investment Platform Launched at COP23 in Bonn

The Climate Investment Platform was announced at the World Climate Summit & La Galerie by WE held in Kameha Grand Bonn during COP23. Founded by UNDP, World Climate Ltd, R20 and ICLEI, the Climate Investment Platform is a new initiative designed to accelerate the transition to a low-carbon economy and fulfil the Paris Agreement commitments.


Climate Investment Platform

The Platform will help countries, regions, cities and businesses gain awareness of new technology and financial opportunities to implement climate actions. Participants will have the opportunity to receive valuable input for the development of bankable climate investment projects, bring projects to investors and present potential investments.

The Climate Investment Platform is an open-source means by which countries, sub-national regions, cities, project sponsors and developers, clean technology companies and businesses can develop and present their investment pipelines to private investors in order to mobilise investment for climate and sustainable development.

The Climate Investment Platform will build on and strengthen the project preparation and pre-investment technical assistance services that partner organisations currently have available, and focus on generating increased levels of deal flow for investors.

The founding partners – UNDPWorld Climate LtdR20 and ICLEI – aim to incubate a significant number of climate projects to be presented as investment opportunities and pitched at the Investment COP during World Climate Summit in Katowice, Poland for COP24 in 2018.

Arnold SchwarzeneggerFounder of R20, said, “The Climate Investment Platformwill work with R20 attracting public and private investors for sustainable low-carbon deal flow at sub-national level, through, on the one hand its own value chain connecting sub national policies, clean tech holders and investors, and, on the other hand, its Sub national Climate Fund (SnCF) managed by BlueOrchard. We look forward to working with World Climate LtdICLEIUNDP and other partners on this important new initiative.”

“The centre-piece of the Climate Investment Platform will be the Investment COP, which will bring together regions, cities, businesses, technology companies and investors next year at the twenty-fourth Conference of Parties to be held in Katowice, Poland where leading stakeholders in technology and finance are already starting to engage,” according to World Climate Ltd CEO, Jens Nielsen.

“Together with UNDPR20 and ICLEI, we welcome participation by other initiatives and organisations in this new Platform, which we hope will help other initiatives also succeed by creating a larger focal point for climate-friendly deal-flow,” Jens Nielsen said.

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