Road to Paris

    Can the Pope’s climate encyclical spur business action?
    (World Climate Ltd) June 19, 2015 – Michael Mathres – The Pope recently released his encyclical which focused on the environment and in particular climate change. But will it be heard and read by business leaders around the world? Here is an analysis of this issue in>>
  • christiana-950
    Christiana Figueres: Why business matters at COP

    (World Climate Ltd) June 18, 2015 – Here is an interview with Christiana Figueres done by’s Joel Makower. It explains the importance of business in the United Nations climate change negotiations. Continue to interview>>

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    Don’t fall behind as more climate legislation rules the world

    (World Climate Ltd) Geneva, Switzerland – June 5, 2015 – by Michael Mathres – A lot of times businesses look to or blame,  governments for a lack of a national strategic economical direction for tackling climate change. This often leads to climate inertia where each party looks to the other for leadership and action. However, according […]

  • cparis
    200 days from COP21, the momentum begins in Paris

    (World Climate Ltd) Paris, France May 21, 2015 – Michael Mathres – Here we are, 200 days before one of the most important political events in generations, theUnited Nations Climate Change COP21, which will gather more than 190 countries in Paris to agree on a global deal to limit carbon emissions. Hundreds of business and finance […]

  • Business and Climate Summit
    World Climate Ltd supports the Business & Climate Summit at Climate Week Paris

    May 11, 2015 – World Climate Ltd is proud to be supporting the Business and Climate Summit ( next week in Paris during Climate Week Paris (#CWParis). 200 days before UN Climate Change Conference in Paris, the May 20 – 21 Business & Climate Summit provides a unique forum for business and government leaders to […]