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  • obama-modi
    A climate of bilaterism?
    [World Climate Ltd] February 25, 2015 – Interesting article about the rise of bilateral agreements to tackle climate change. Latest example is the negotiations between India and the USA. Is multilateralism dead? [Go to article>>]
  • Philippe Joubert
    Leadership: Business as Usual is Dead says Joubert

    [World Climate Ltd] February 20, 2015 – In a video interview on France24, Philippe Joubert, Chair of The Prince of Wales’s Corporate Leaders Group, states the importance of involving the corporate sector in climate change solutions if we want them to succeed. Climate change: ‘Business as usual is dead… by france24english []

  • UK leaders
    UK leaders co-sign climate change action letter

    [World Climate Ltd] February 20, 2015 – In a historic first, the leaders of the UK’s main political parties co-signed a letter supporting action on climate change. Indeed, David Cameron, Ed Miliband and Nick Clegg affirm their support for climate action. Once again showing the importance to go beyond political parties in order to tackle climate [...]