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  • appeldemanille
    VIDEO: COP21 Together we can write history
    [World Climate Ltd] March 2, 2015 – Oscar Winner Mario Cotillard and several other french climate campaigners and luminaries officially launch the Manila appeal for #COP21 in this video published by the French President’s office.
  • 800px-Berner_Alpen_Schweizer_Flagge
    Switerland targets 50% GHG reduction

    [World Climate Ltd] March 2, 2015 - Switzerland aims to reduce greenhouse gas emissions by 50% relative to 1990 levels by 2030. At least 30% of this reduction must be achieved within Switzerland itself. The rest may be attained through projects carried out abroad. These objectives were approved by the Federal Council in November 2014 as [...]

  • how to win a carbon price
    How to Win with a Carbon Price

    [World Climate Ltd] March 2, 2015 – British Columbia’s carbon tax was North America’s first economy-wide carbon pricing policy when it was introduced in 2008. It remains the continent’s strongest carbon-pricing initiative today, and has been recognized the world over for the effectiveness of its design. Six years after the policy took effect, the empirical [...]

  • speech-slider-news-detail
    Prince Charles: Climate Change is Death Sentence for Earth

    [World Climate Ltd] March 2, 2015 – Speaking at Royal Society event on health and climate change, prince says that failure to act on global warming would be ‘death sentence’ for the planet. [Go to article>>]

  • climate culture
    How Culture Shapes the Climate Debate

    [World Climate Ltd] February 26, 2015 – Here is a very interesting article about how culture shapes the climate debate. Though the scientific community largely agrees that climate change is underway, debates about this issue remain fiercely polarized. These conversations have become a rhetorical contest, one where opposing sides try to achieve victory through playing [...]